The Laughing Tomato

A Little Bit of History...

Paella is one of Spain's most famous and best loved rice dishes. Originating near La Albufera lake on the east coast of Spain, adjacent to the city of Valencia, paella is steeped in tradition. It was the perfect union between two cultures from Spain, the Roman, which introduced irrigation in Valencia and the Arab, that brought the rice. Paella has formed the basis of family gatherings, festivals and special occasions not only in Spain but around the world. Whether you prefer Paella de Marisco (seafood paella) or Paella Mixta (combination of chicken, chorizo and seafood) you and your guests will enjoy the sights, sounds and mouthwatering aromas that fill the air as The Laughing Tomato prepares a delicious Spanish paella in the open air for your enjoyment!  

How it Works.

We will bring our mobile paella grill and cook for your guests under our 10'x 10' canopy. We can provide biodegradeable/compostables plates, utensils and paper napkins. *Let us know if you want to use your own silverware and plates.  The entire service will take about one hour, not including our setup, cooking time and breakdown. We will need to arrive about two to three hours before we begin cooking for your guest. 

*Collection and cleaning of silverware and plates will be the responsibility of the party host.

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